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Our program would not be possible without our Qualified Referral Sources who help to save lives by referring youth to our program. Please check back to this page as we add special resources for our QRS network. Our goal is to make the referral process as seamless and easy to navigate as possible!

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Virtual Hope Box (Android, iOS)

The Virtual Hope Box (VHB) designed for use by clients and their behavioral health providers as an accessory to treatment. The VHB contains simple tools to help clients with coping, relaxation, distraction, and positive thinking. Clients and providers can work together to personalize the VHB content on the client’s own smartphone according to the client’s specific needs.

notOK (Android, iOS)

The notOK is an app that contains a large red button that, when tapped, alerts close trusted contacts that the user is in urgent need of help. An alert is sent to pre-selected friends, family members, and supporters with a GPS location and a message letting them know that the user needs them to reach out.

Suicide Safe (Android, iOS)

Created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) primarily for health care providers, it gives users the tools to learn how to work alongside those who might be struggling with suicide ideation. The app also contains lists for facility location services and available resources.

Suicide Safety Plan (Android, iOS)

Suicide Safety Plan is a safety plan app that allows users to have their plan right in the palm of their hand.  The app allows clients to program important  information, including personal warning signs, coping strategies, contacts, and more. It additionally allows clients to easily contact help and provides them with educational resources.

“A Friend Asks” (Android, iOS)

A FREE app that helps provide the information, tools and resources to help a friend (or yourself) who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide. Education is the key to prevention and with information like this as close as your smartphone; you could help save a life!

In The Open Podcast

Join Mental Health America as we have open conversations about mental health. We’re a group of people who want to change the way our communities talk about mental health. On this podcast, we share our lives, fight in the open, and work together to just figure things out.

The Psychology of Self-Injury

Why do people self-injure? And what is the best way to respond when someone tells us they self-injure? Clinical psychologist Dr. Nicholas Westers of the International Society for the Study of Self-Injury (ISSS) interviews the leading experts in the field of self-injury as well as individuals with lived experience of self-injury and parents and family members of those who have self-injured. This podcast is meant to be a resource for parents, professionals, and people with lived experience.