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Since 2002, Second Wind Fund has provided access to therapy for over 6,500 children and teenagers. By partnering with mental health professionals who are passionate about our cause, we are able to place youth in therapy who otherwise would have been unable to afford treatment. We pay all of our therapists for up to 12 sessions per youth and offer continual professional development opportunities throughout the year. Hear from some of our Qualified Referral Sources (QRS’) who cherish SWF’s program and therapist network.

School Psychologist, Jefferson County
"In my career as a school psychologist in Jefferson County, I have lived through some very tough situations. Second Wind Fund is a silver lining born from a very dark situation. Over the years since its inception, Second Wind Fund has helped me save the lives of over 50 youth at risk for suicide whose families could not afford adequate counseling services. I can't think of a better example of a community coming together to solve a problem that has no easy solution. Second Wind Fund truly lives up to its name and provides a second wind for the sails of those who most need it."
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School Counselor, Mesa County
"Second Wind Fund has been an essential resource for many of the students that I have worked with in the past couple of years. I always know that whatever the barrier might be, Second Wind Fund helps eliminate those barriers and provides life changing services for many of our teens. Second Wind Fund makes the referral process easy and they have never turned down a student. They are always there to help!"
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Social Worker, Mesa County
"Second Wind has been an amazing resource for my students and their families. The story that stands out to me is my student with significant mental health concerns that caused self-harming thoughts. The family was struggling with insurance, and was not able to provide this student consistent counseling. Second Wind was able to give this student regular counseling, which gave this student and their family hope. There has been an observable, positive impact on the student and the family. I am very thankful for Second Wind and the help they give to my students and families."
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