Colorado National Collaborative for Suicide Prevention

Colorado was chosen to help work towards finding strategies that could be shared across the nation.

Colorado will be a leading force in suicide prevention, as the state was chose to be part of a national collaborative. So, what is this national collaborative?

“The Colorado-National Collaborative (CNC) for Suicide Prevention is a partnership of local, state, and national scientists and public health professionals working with health and social service agencies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, business, academic organizations, and Colorado residents to identify, promote, and implement comprehensive state and community-based strategies for suicide prevention in Colorado.”

As Colorado’s suicide rate in 2017 was among the highest in the nation, Colorado was chosen to help work towards finding strategies that could be shared across the nation. Because public health problems like suicide are complex, solutions are best found when government, business, health services, nonprofits, and individual citizens work together in their efforts. Within the state, six counties were chosen to take part and work towards the CNC of creating a comprehensive suicide prevention model to reduce suicide statewide by 20% by 2024.

  • Larimer
  • Mesa
  • El Paso
  • Pueblo
  • Montezuma
  • La Plata

The work in each county is guided by six community strategy components.

  • Improve Connectedness
  • Increase Economic Stability
  • Provide Education and Awareness
  • Improve Access and Delivery of Suicide Care
  • Lethal Means Safety
  • Postvention

The work that these counties are doing in Colorado is exciting and will make a lasting impact. If you are in one of these counties, we encourage you to consider getting involved with your local suicide prevention coalition. If you are not in one of these counties, we still encourage you reach out to your local suicide prevention coalition and see what you can do to help those in your community.

Suicide prevention is everyone’s responsibility!

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