We Support Youth At Risk For Suicide
Second Wind Fund has built an innovative program that matches children and youth, ages 19 and younger, who are at risk for suicide and do not have the means or adequate insurance for necessary mental health treatment, with licensed therapists in their local communities or potentially via teletherapy.

Sometimes even finding the right provider can be a barrier. For children and teens who have Medicaid, CHP+, or private insurance that adequately covers mental health treatment, Second Wind Fund can help narrow down a list of therapists who meet the child or teen’s needs bypassing confusing healthcare systems.

Need to refer a youth to SWF?

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Need Navigation Support?

How Second Wind Fund Works
Referrals are typically made by school mental health staff (School Counselors, Social Workers or Psychologists) and sometimes by other mental health professionals or medical doctors. Home schooled youth or those no longer attending school are also eligible. For navigation support we welcome any guardian or youth to reach out and access a list of potential therapists.

Obtain a Referral

Receive a referral from a mental health professional. If you are a caregiver or youth, contacting your school’s mental health staff is a good place to start.

Get Approved

Once SWF receives a referral, we promptly connect the Qualified Referral Source (QRS) with a list of local, specialized therapists for the youth to choose from.

Receive Support

Youth have access to 12 sessions of cost-free therapy with a specialized therapist in their community. We also provide navigation assistance to families and community members.