Second Wind Fund Moves to Colorado’s Health Capitol

Second Wind Fund has moved to the Colorado’s Health Capitol, a collaborative space where organizations whose focus is on elevating the wellbeing of Coloradans can come together and strengthen their collective impact.

It is official! We are excited to announce that Second Wind Fund has joined several other amazing non-profit organizations at Colorado’s Health Capitol!

“Second Wind Fund was fortunate to be invited to join the Colorado Health Capitol back in 2019. The timing of everything wasn’t quite right for us and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Here we are, two years later, all moved in! I am really looking forward to the partnerships and collaborations that will be formed in the CHC. It will most certainly help SWF better serve the state of Colorado,” said Chris Weiss, Executive Director.

Colorado’s Health Capitol is a collaborative space where organizations whose focus is on elevating the wellbeing of Coloradans can come together and strengthen their collective impact. With the ability to collaborate and leverage resources, the hope is to make an even bigger impact on the mental, physical, social, and economic health of all Coloradans.

The first and only shared space with this mission-driven focus in Colorado, the Health Capitol brings with it great opportunity for Second Wind Fund to meet and work along side some of Colorado’s diverse health leaders to help change the trajectory of health and policy in the state.

Here are just a few examples of the organizations that we will be working along side of:

  • Healthier Colorado
  • Bell Policy Center
  • One Colorado
  • Mile High Health Alliance
  • State Policy Advisors
  • Justice Reskill

As Second Wind Fund continues to evolve and grow in its mission to prevent youth suicide, we are solidifying our belief that to better serve the communities of the state of Colorado, we need to continue to build collaborative relationships and partnerships.
Suicide prevention does not look just one way. The cause of suicide is not just one thing. When we look at preventing suicide we need to look from many angles and work with many people to face suicide head-on.

The Colorado National Collaborative (CNC) is doing just that and provides a guiding perspective when looking at the collaborative nature of suicide prevention which includes actions, activities, and services from a variety of areas. The pillars highlight these areas:

  • Improve Connectedness
  • Increase Economic Stability
  • Provide Education and Awareness
  • Improve Access and Delivery of Suicide Care
  • Lethal Means Safety
  • Postvention

Looking at the pillars, they truly bring to life the fact that this work is a community endeavor, and we are going to need partners if we are truly going to work towards reducing youth suicide. And having partners and community when working towards a common goal makes it more enjoyable, helps drive the work, can bring lasting system change, and even illuminate ideas that may not have been thought of before.

We are not going to accomplish our goals by working alone. We are going to get there by joining together. All of us individuals, organizations, and government bringing our hearts and souls together will make lasting change and save the lives of Coloradans across the state.