Self-Care: Ten Ideas for Therapists!

Take care of yourself so you can take better care of others.

We as therapists have such big hearts and love what we do for our clients. At the same time, we need to take care of ourselves so that we can show up for our clients and ourselves. Below are ten ideas for integrating self-care into your day!

1. Schedule breaks throughout the day.
Make sure you are giving yourself time and space. Opt to not schedule an additional client or consider adding a few extra minutes between clients.

2. Do things that make you happy.
This does not have to necessarily be large, scheduled activities. It can be small things throughout the day.

3. Have the courage to say no.
Saying no can be hard to do, especially when it is a person that needs our help, and we want to help. Let us flip this around for a second. By saying no, you might be helping that person because if you are tired and burned, you will not be able to be fully present and that would be doing them a disservice.

4. Work with an accountability partner.
It helps to have someone you connect with that will hold you accountable for not only taking care of yourself but cheering you on for when you do!

5. Make time to move.
We have all heard about the health benefits of exercise. There are many. For this suggestion though, it does not have to full workout. It can a five-minute walk or a dance to a song in your office. Just move and enjoy the time.

6. Make mindful decisions.
We are constantly faced with decisions throughout the day. Whenever you are facing a decision, make sure you are engaged and thoughtfully making a decision. Take those few extra moments to give yourself the time and space to make the decision.

7. Nurture your relationship.
Make time for the people in your life. Block off time or make dates to be with the people in your life and connect with them.

8. Practice self-compassion.
Finding compassion for others can feel easier than finding compassion for ourselves. However, make it a practice to give some to yourself. You are human and deserve that self-compassion just as much as others.

9. Engage your senses.
One of the joys of being human is our ability to use our senses. Pick one or two senses and do something to engage them. If you pick touch, maybe go outside, and touch the earth. If you pick scent, maybe find your favorite smell, and enjoy it for a few moments.

10. “Play” breaks.
Give yourself a “play” break! Decide what play means or looks like to you and play!