Colorado Suicide Data Dashboard

We as residents of Colorado have access to a lot of data around suicide deaths.

Did you know that Colorado has an amazing data tool to visualize the suicide statistics in the state?

Housed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, we as residents of Colorado have access to the data around suicide deaths.

This tool has the ability to look at data by:

  • Year beginning with 2004
  • Method used to inflict the fatal injury
  • Demographics
  • County

You can also look at data across time and see different trends.

Why is this information important and valuable? Having access to this information can help direct and inform the suicide prevention efforts in the state. Already, different counties are using the data to help drive their goals in the coming years.

While this tool is useful to help make an impact by showing numbers and advocating for suicide prevention in the state, please always remember these number represent people.

Click here to access the tool.

Click here to access the directions for using the tool.